Friday, 22 July 2011

Treorci Sorting Office Under Threat

Royal Mail is reviewing the position of the sorting office in Treorci. There is a very real possibility that it will be closed down as early as September. The plan is to transfer the work to the sorting office in Ferndale.

This means that residents of the Rhondda Fawr will have to go over the mountains in order to collect their mail! Those needing to use public transport will be faced with a journey that takes 40 minutes in each direction by bus and involves changing buses in Ystrad Rhondda.

Royal Mail's response is to metaphorically shrug their shoulders and say that people can always ask for a re-delivery or arrange to pick up the mail from a designated post office. Using the post office option involves a 50p fee per item. Even worse, it is not available for items sent by special delivery.

This is just the latest in a series of blows to Treorci and the surrounding area. Here, at the top of the valley, we are constantly seeing facilities being closed all around us. We are frequently low on the priority list when decisions are made on new  amenities.

Treorci councillors Sêra Evans-Fear, Cennard Davies and Ted Hancock requested a public meeting between Royal Mail and local residents. At first, Royal Mail was only prepared to talk to the councillors. After further pressure, they have finally agreed to a public meeting.

Public Meeting on Royal Mail's plan to close Treorci Sorting Office
Tuesday 26 July, Oak Tree Hall, Cemetery Road, Treorci at 7 pm.

Although Royal Mail claim no jobs will be lost, sorting office employees say that the facilities in Ferndale are insufficient to cope with an increase in the number of people working there.

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