Friday, 24 June 2011

Book review: Pwy Sy'n Cofio Sion by Mair Evans

Pwy Sy'n Cofio Sion [Who Remembers Sion] by Mair Evans is written specifically for learners of Welsh. Leni is a young and ambitious girl who is seeking to make a name for herself in broadcasting. Working in a small, backwater radio station, she is asked to look into the mystery of Sion Tremthanmor, a rock-folk musician who vanished many years ago. Leni sees this as her first chance to move towards fame. Although asked to do only library research, she goes out into the world in a hunt for the truth.

The book is approximately 80 pages long. The story is well told and truly gripping in places. I found the language fairly challenging for my current level (Sylfaen 1). Someone doing the Canolradd course would find it far easier going. In addition, the vocabulary given at the bottom of each page was somewhat sparse for my needs. Overall, however, it was a most enjoyable read.

Pwy Sy'n Cofio Sion is available to buy with free delivery worldwide.

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